Change Can Be Hard

It feels like something that was once very important to you has moved to the back burner of life. For some people, this is an intense feeling of the loss of some aspect of one’s identity.  Perhaps this time in your life is prompting some sort of depression or state of malaise.  Life is passing you by while you wait for things to get better.

Preoccupied with this one thing that has slipped down the ladder on the things you care about, it is easy to feel lost, hopeless, or defeated. Perhaps your focus is on your job or work that doesn’t feed your heart or soul. Perhaps you are consumed with escaping something that feels negative or overwhelming. It can become a vicious cycle that begins to define you.In the beginning, it may have been a step that you took that turned out to be a bad decision. The lingering feeling is that you’ve taken a wrong turn. Rather than proceed in a new direction, you were trapped in a non-starter. Commonly, there is a lost emphasis on what you feel is important in life. If things keep going the way they are going, life will be a continuous disappointment.

When your life is a daily grind, you tend to be defensive about any attempts to make a change. It feels like the thing that is important to you has been lost forever. You may have made a bad decision that left you off in a bad direction. You feel that you’re in the wrong place in your life.

You’re trapped in a pattern of disappointment. Bitterness, anger, resentment, and a sense of defeat overwhelm you. It is easy to feel hopeless when you have been disappointed so many times without a positive result.

You have been in a negative pattern of self-sabotage.  In your mind, you aren’t good at the thing you care about.  You don’t think you can ever escape from your negative patterns.  It’s easier to be critical and close your heart to the very thing you feel you’re missing in your life.

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